I’m insecure, don’t know what for
Well, really it’s because you’re so pure
You’ve never held hands or felt your lips touch
While I’ve gone and wasted far too much of me

Burning eyes; I despise
All I’ve done from the start of my life
Been misguided every step
Am I beyond help?

Can I live up to your expectations? Well, I really don’t know
If it hurts you less to give up sooner I’d rather go now
‘Cuz I’m a failure in every single way
No matter what kind words you choose to say

You think you know, but you don’t
Who I am is only a mask
Gilding this brokenness
Far too broken for me to ask

How did I come to this?
How do I tear my eyes from the abyss
Inside — Inside of me?
Is it possible for me to be free?

Will you run away when this song is done?
Will you hide your face, has it already begun
You’ll fade away just like the rest
Oh God, will I ever find some peace inside this maelstrom in my chest?

Can’t live up to your expectations; it’s something that I know
It’ll hurt you less if I give up sooner, so I have to go
You don’t deserve a failure and that just what I am

So I'm sorry
But what we could have had was never meant to be.


from Words Fade You Reign Stars Dance Over Us, released August 1, 2013




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RE:new is the brainchild of Mike Togtman, who writes all the music, sings all the lyrics, records and masters the songs, and even plays (most of) the instruments.

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