You’ve got me all confused
Mixed up like a deck of cards
You’ve got me figured out
Like a magician with your sleight of hand

I’ll end up like you planned
Standing by you, hand in hand
You’re the Queen of Hearts
And I’m the Joker at the back of the deck

I have no suit of my own
No place to call my home
So right here is where I’ll stay
Next to the King of Hearts all day

Your eyes shine like diamonds
As I rest here in your hand
Discard my once broken heart
And play me like a card

Make me your work of art
I’ll be whatever you need me to be
A two of clubs, a ten of spades
Or the Ace of your heart

I had no suit of my own
But Hearts is now my home
So, right here is where I’ll stay
Sitting as the King of Hearts all day


from Words Fade You Reign Stars Dance Over Us, released August 1, 2013




RE:new Illinois

RE:new is the brainchild of Mike Togtman, who writes all the music, sings all the lyrics, records and masters the songs, and even plays (most of) the instruments.

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