The ice blue tide pours out from the inside
Of your eyes; I wish I could revise
The words I said with better words instead
Not meant to hurt, but meant to avert
Us from this

But the stars in your eyes fill my insides with a thousand sighs
I wish I may, I wish I might see those stars again tonight

Starlight, star bright
The only star I see at night
When the sun is gone you shine on
In the deep blue sky you fly so high
Above us

Guide me to safer shores, stars, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us
You’ve already fixed the broken mess of me, now fix the rest of me

I am yours
It’s you that I adore
You’re so much more
Than I have ever hoped for

Stretch out the skies before your eyes, watch over us
Spread out the earth and give us worth

Stars, shine on, shine on
When all in this world is wrong
Keep burning bright through the night
Let your light tell us goodnight


from Words Fade You Reign Stars Dance Over Us, released August 1, 2013
Patrick Hammer - Saxophone
Sam Krygsheld - Trumpet




RE:new Illinois

RE:new is the brainchild of Mike Togtman, who writes all the music, sings all the lyrics, records and masters the songs, and even plays (most of) the instruments.

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